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About HIHSOURCEonline

About carrying source online

HIHSOURCEonline it is the brand online platform of Zhuhai Liangqi gift company in China's Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan district, we have all kinds of professional services for comprehensive matching and customized production of gifts. We set up our own workshops and will work with many source manufacturers to customize various styles of Crystal prizes, metal trophies, wooden prizes, wooden certificates, medals, badges, flags, silver plates, gold foil paintings, agali photo frame, umbrella, USB finger, thermos cup, clothing towel, office stationery, metal pen gift, computer peripheral, electronic appliances, beauty tools, advertising gifts, business gifts, corporate gifts and other new commodities.
We will provide free design services for crystal trophies and corporate gifts made by customers. Our team will provide enthusiastic services and high-quality products, honest communication to win the long-term partnership with you. We also welcome dealers from all regions to join HIHSOURCE.
Online , become our partner. For more information, please send an email ( hihsource@hihsource.com) contact us.

Ordering guidelines:

i. Customization time
part of the gift production cycle is 7 days delivery, large quantities of customized or customized products are subject to negotiation and communication;

second, include services
product production, free typesetting, personalized lettering, gift packaging, delivery, after-sales tracking;

III. Customization process
1. You can first send the selecte product style through our platform inquiry function; Or by email: hihsource@hihsource.com, send your favorite product style drawings or design files (clearly identifiable picture files, office files, AI documents, CDR documents, PS documents on the original side of the file);
2. When transmitting information, please provide your exact email account number and other contact information and the requirements and quantity of the scheduled products. We will provide detailed quotation and packaging and manufacturing process instructions, if necessary, the preliminary design drawing will be attached for explanation and can be successfully transmitted to you;
3. After confirming that the price is appropriate, you need to provide clear design material documents, and we will provide detailed design documents to communicate with you and confirm the design plan;
4. Sign the order contract and make a deposit of 30% of the advance payment to confirm that it can be made. During this period, the content and product style cannot be modified. If it is necessary to modify it, the relative expenses will be incurred, specific matters can be negotiated;
5. We will take photos of the goods to confirm the completion of production before delivery. You will need to pay off the balance and we will deliver the goods normally;
6. After the goods arrive at your company, please check the safety or integrity of the goods at the first time. Whether it is damaged by transportation or other reasons, we will repair or redo it to your satisfaction;
7, later damage, if you need to repair, we will also provide cost-based maintenance or re-repair services.

IV. Mode of transportation
1. Packaging method: each product has an independent gift box with a white cardboard cover. According to the transportation distance, it is packed in thickened or double-layer corrugated boxes (generally, the weight of each box is controlled at about 15kg);
2. By default, small pieces are delivered by SF Express, and bulk goods are delivered by logistics. You can also designate a transportation company;

v. Payment method
1. Direct transfer of our bank account number can be obtained;
2, small money can use WeChat, Alipay, paypal transfer method

VI. Credibility commitment
custom Trophy, customized gifts due to the inevitable occurrence of some unexpected problems in the production and transportation process, no matter the size of the problem, no matter who is responsible, all ordered in our company trophy gift, we will not shirk, not negative to cooperate to complete the order until your satisfaction;

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