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Design Layout

Design layout effect reference

typesetting case display of color matching crystal souvenirs

process Description: the Red Crystal splicing process can be spliced into other color crystals such as black, blue, golden yellow, green, etc. The carved text can also be replaced by the surface carving or filling process, the design is wide and can engrave more theme text, which can be engraved on the back or front.

Typesetting case display of five-star Crystal medals

process Description: The Metal five-star has a variety of star choices. The style is simple and generous, and the width can be engraved with more theme text. Due to the viewing angle, the text is mainly carved on the front.

Typesetting case display of basketball crystal trophy

process Description: Sphere trophy black crystal base carving theme award name, filled with gold effect, trophy waist laser engraving 3D sports theme pattern, the trophy can replace basketball, football, billiards, football, badminton, softball, table tennis and other theme sports spheres and carved doll patterns. This trophy is a slim one. The text and LOGO cannot be printed too densely or too thin. The number of text needs to be controlled to make the text clear.

Design Case display of Crystal building model

process Description: made of transparent crystal, the texture of the building surface is made of polished sand, the theme text and LOGO are carved on the base, and the carving depth of the surface texture is shallow and the texture shows the effect, the base text is engraved deeper or can be filled.

Jujube red suede banner typesetting case Display

process Description: This banner has dimensions of 40*60cm,60*90cm,70*110cm,80*120cm. Flannel fabrics are available in jujube red and bright red, theme text foam words and gold powder words can be selected, and tassels can be added to any periphery. Thank you for your generous and decent use of the award, and the delivery can be made in 2 days.

Case display of design and typesetting of laser internal carving salvage ship

process Description: This product is a new type of salvage boat newly introduced by the company. It has customized a batch of souvenirs and gifts. In order to be able to put the whole model pattern in proportion, the height is 50mm, the appearance of the arc indicates that the order source is vast and the business is booming.

East Asian Super League 2019 Championship trophy design case

process Description: This basketball trophy is a championship trophy customized for the East Asian Super League. The height is designed to be 80cm. The material is made of resin, the weight is controlled at 15kg, and the base is slightly heavier than the sphere, it is convenient for the winners to hold the shots together, and can be placed in the room. The stainless steel etching patch is made at the base, and the Gold Cup with silver tablets is beautiful. We can order souvenir trophies of any size.

Macao Sports Bureau New Year national sports design case

process Description: promote the national fitness sports shirt during the Spring Festival
1) slim-fit polo shirt design
2) using Chinese red as the main color to represent the Chinese New Year flavor can also create a spectacular picture of red stars flashing on the whole sports field.
3) the white edge points increase the layering of the shirt, making the dress age of the shirt neutral and youthful.
4) The Blue substrate on the right shoulder represents movement, strong lines and white dots, representing the strength of men and the softness of women.

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