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Measurement conversion
Common unit of measurement
i. Area
generally, international units "hectares" are used to calculate the area.
1 Hectare= 10 ,000 square meters
building sales are mostly calculated in square feet. The full name of a square foot is square feet.
1 Square feet= 144 square inch= 929.0304 square centimeter= 0.09290304 square meters( accurate value)
in order to simplify the calculation, the square meter area is usually estimated by dividing the square foot by ten, that is, moving the decimal point one bit forward. For example400 square feet are usually directly estimated40 square meters.
II. Length
the construction, decoration and furniture industries use the length of "feet"( feet) and "inch"( inch)
1 feet= 30.48 CM
1 inch= 2.54 CM
generally speaking, the specifications of double beds and mattresses are4 x 6 "Feet"; single bed2.5 x 6 "Feet". For convenience of estimation, feet are multiplied directly30 , inches directly multiplied2.5 it is OK, that is, the double bed is about120cm*180cm; single bed about75cm*180cm .
In addition to feet and inches, another unit of length is also common in cloth, paper and wire trading, that is, "code".
1 Code= 0.9411 rice. Although it is not much different from rice, it is not recommended to estimate it because cloth, wires and so on all need accurate length.
III. Weight
in terms of weight, supermarkets or prepackaged things generally "Pound", "Ace"
(Oz")"," Jin "and" two "are still common units of calculation. In the streets, use "pounds"; the main grain, fresh meat, seafood and medicinal materials are traditional "Jin" and "two".
1 Pound= 453.59237 gram            1 city two= 50 gram                         1 shijin= 500 gram=0kg
for the convenience of estimation, we can directly1 pounds are considered close to 0kg.
However, it should be noted here that many of the so-called "Jin" and "two" commonly used in Hong Kong are "Sima Jin".
1 Bearing= 100 jin            1 jin(604.79 gram) = 16 two            1 two(37.7994 gram) = 10 money                 1 money= 10 fen
in addition, the international gold market has always used ounce quotation, while Hong Kong insists on using Jin Heng as the trading unit for gold and precious metals.
1 Jin Heng Liang= 37.429 gram= 1.20337 troy ounce.
IV. Volume
in Hong Kong, Water Supplies Department's single fresh water consumption is calculated using "gallons"; cookware and food imported by the United States( such as dairy products, milk powder, etc.) The influence of quart(quart) also used; in addition, L is used.
1 Gallon= 3.78541178 sheng                1 quart= 946.352946 ML
sometimes for convenience,1 quarts can also be estimated as close to one liter.
V. Currency
yuan of currency, everyone understands that here, let's talk about the "cents" and "Immortals" that local residents often say ".
1 Meizhan= 1 dime= 0.1 yuan            1 fairy= 1 dianqian= 0.01 yuan
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