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Silver Plate

The main products are advertising promotional gifts, metal crafts, hanging ornaments. Such as metal badges, key buttons, bottle openers, bookmarks, mobile phone pendants, commemorative coins, cufflinks, tie clips, golf forks, Hat clips, wallet, medals, belt buckles, photo frames, luggage accessories, clothing accessories, table furnishings and other handicrafts.            The main processes are: stamping process, die-casting process, corrosion process, lithographic printing process and other processes. The surface color treatment includes: baking varnish glue, false enamel (soft enamel), flat four-color printing, sticker glue, tinplate (printing paper, iron), silk screen printing, pad printing and other methods. The surface treatment of electroplating colors are: gold plating, silver plating, bronze plating, red copper plating, nickel plating , black nickel plating, environmental protection nickel plating (nickel free), pearl nickel plating, ancient gold plating, pearl gold plating, ancient silver plating, ancient bronze plating, ancient red copper plating, ancient nickel plating, ancient tin plating, gun color plating, etc. Material selection: copper, iron, aluminum, zinc alloy, stainless iron, stainless steel, etc. according to different needs of customers, design and produce products that satisfy customers

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