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Technical Guidelines

Crystal trophy word craft


the word making process of crystal trophy includes sand blasting and engraving process, laser internal engraving process, ink jet color printing process, UV printing process, patch process and word pressing process.

1. Sand blasting and carving process: it refers to the process of using the hollowed-out pattern or text of the developing film to stick to the surface of the crystal, and making the pattern on the film re-engraved to the crystal surface through the spraying machine, so as to achieve the desired effect, which is frosted gray. The advantage of this process is to maintain the original color of the crystal material, and the pattern and text will never fade and wear.


2. Laser internal carving process: it refers to the process of carving inside the crystal through the crystal surface through the numerical control software control pattern or text distance data by using the laser fixed-point combustion technology, the effect is close to the White effect and the fingers cannot touch it. The advantage of the craft is to keep the original color of the crystal material, the pattern and the text will never fade and wear, and there is a 3-dimensional viewing angle, such as the light can also produce a colorful effect, Meilun Meihuan.


3, inkjet color printing process: it is a process in which the prize pattern or text is printed on a special film and then pasted onto the crystal surface. The process has a fully transparent effect (both the front and back can be pattern, but the content is opposite), translucent effect (printing effect on translucent white background) and opaque effect (printing effect on milky white background). The advantages of this process: the effect of full transparency can maintain the crystal crystal transparent effect, and the color printing pattern of gradual color change can be achieved. The positive and negative patterns can be seen on the front and back of the pattern; the semi-transparent effect can make the printed gradient pattern slightly clear and easy to watch, and can also produce a fuzzy back effect; The opaque effect is as clearly visible as printing the gradient pattern on a piece of white paper, the back is milky white and the pattern is brightly colored. Disadvantages: too long time will change color and damage


4, UV printing process: refers to the use of UV machine directly on the crystal surface printing, can print gradient and White, the surface is protected by UV cover, is an excellent technology to replace the current color printing process, it can be printed on the front or back of the crystal. The front printing shows a prominent three-dimensional effect when it is looking at it. The reverse printing is bright and clear when it is looking at it. Both effects are very good. It can also be printed on the bottom or surface of the color with a white background to make the color more vivid and beautiful. Advantages: The color is relatively firm in color printing process, full in color and strong in stereoscopic impression. Disadvantages: there will be color difference in different batches of printing, and the white accuracy is slightly worse and slightly burrs.


5. Color filling process: based on the sand blasting carving process, only a little more carving depth, according to the design pattern color matching fill in the carved pattern, dry solid after the formation of the filling effect. Advantages: play an important role, highlighting the theme.


6, patch process: therefore, mingsi is a process of making a pattern or text content on a patch and then sticking it to the crystal surface. The process can be divided into metal etching sheets (gold plating, silver plating, copper plating, wire drawing, mirror surface), metal printing sheet (in addition to gold and silver copper color, there are other colors to choose from), gold foil printing sheet (there are sand gold, sand silver, sand copper color optional, can also print any background color). Advantages: The metal etching sheet is of high quality and can be collected for a long time. Metal printing sheets can be selected in a variety of colors, with a slightly faster speed and a relatively lower cost. The cost of gold foil is low and the speed is fast.


7, pressure word process: the process needs to make a metal mold in advance. The pattern or text is first made on the metal mold, and then the crystal material is heated to a viscous shape and put into the mold, press the crystal material tightly into the mould by using the hydraulic press. After cooling, the pattern text is shaped into the crystal, and then after the subsequent grinding and polishing treatment, the crystal pattern text effect of relief is formed, form products. Advantages: breaking the routine, relief is unique in three dimensions, disadvantages: mold cost, required quantity.


8, solid wood carving: it refers to the solid wood materials used in multi-material crafts. The carving process is a reasonable application of mechanical cutting machine and laser cutting machine, numerical control software controls data output, and uses the machine to directly carve on the wood surface, the patterns carved by the mechanical cutting machine are the primary colors of wood, while the patterns carved by the laser cutting machine are carbon-burning colors. The former is more than the concept of environmental protection, while the latter is more of the appearance texture. Advantages: weight reduction, novelty and innovation.

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